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Hello everyone


I am in Australia and am looking for some Vanax to make some dive knives. 


AKS used to have some but not now. I emailed Chuck and haven't heard back. 

I haven't found it elsewhere.


I have found it in europe but I haven't ordered from either shop before, and this is the first time I have heard of the shop I want to buy it from.


I asked about the reputation of this shop on bladeforums, because I don't want to spend $300 on steel and end up with chinese steel. The shop looks good, but you never know these days.

I got banned from bladeforums for spam...


Can I mention the shop here or does anybody know a source of Vanax?




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You could try directly at Uddeholm and explain your disaray and love for their steel. They are steel nerds too :lol:


I'm telling you this because I know at least one guy who did this and was successful. 


Good luck pal

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I don't have any help on finding it, but you can mention the shop here.  We don't ban people for spam unless they're actually spamming.  :lol:  Good luck!  Surely there's an Australian office for Uddeholm-Bohler?  

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