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looking for a used 2X72 grinder in the Kentucky

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Hey all,

       I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving weekend! So I am looking for a used 2X72 belt grinder. Are their any smiths in KY who are downsizing or upgrading that would be looking to sell a belt grinder? Looking for something in the $450 range. 

    Thank for your time


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Check out the video on the grinders page then look at the DVDs page for getting the DVD at www.WayneCoeArtistBlacksmith.com.

Let me know if I can help you.

You can probably build Moe's Grinder frame from your scrap pile.  If so ;your expense is only for the wheels, motor and maybe a VFD.

Where in Ky are you.  I am just south of Big South Fork.

Wayne Coe
Artist Blacksmith
729 Peters Ford Road
Sunbright, Tennessee

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