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So may I come by to use your belt grinder?

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Hey all,

    So long story short. I am in central KY about 30 min south of Lexington due to Covid. Most fo my forging and knife making tools are still in Ecuador. I am especially missing my 2x72 belt grinder.  I am working on 3 knives as Christmas presents for family members. Though i do have access to a belt grinder its platen is not the most desirable. Also it is permanently attached to my brothers work truck so it availability is not regular. Are any of you all in Lexington KY area  and willing to let a fellow smith use your belt grinder. I have my own belts I can bring .  They should be coming tomorrow.   I have the 3 knives that are forged and partially ground. I would like to finish grinding them some time this week.

     Thanks for your help


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