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KITH 2020 drawing announcement!

Alan Longmire

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A bit late, but!  With the assistance of the lovely Dr. King, I now announce the exchange.  With only six entries there's not a lot of random to introduce, but we did what we could:


Brian has won Robert's knife.


Robert has won Faye's knife.


Faye has won Brian's knife.


Gary has won Aidan's knife.


Aidan has won Jonathan's knife.


Jonathan has won Gary's knife.


Congrats to all, I'm a bit jealous, and you may now exchange addresses!  Happy KITH 2020, everyone who participated.

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I just wanted to say “Thank You” Alan for all you do for us here on this site, always contributing in every way!

And also a Thank You to Dr. King!


Gary LT

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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