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Matching 1st Century Roman Gladius, Pugio and Scabbards

Patrick Pointer

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I have not posted here in a while.  So here is a commission I completed for a client who is a Roman Reenactor.  These are for the most part, historically accurate in Dimensions, Materials, Styles etc.  Two of the plates on the Sword Scabbard are not based on archeological discoveries for scabbard plates, but are based on Roman Art that was known in many different areas of the 1st Century A.D.   Hope you like what you see.


1st Century Roman GLadius on the left, Roman Pugio and Scabbard on the right.



The Hilt materials are: Pommel and Guard, Hand carved from European Boxwood.  The grips are hand carved from Premium Holly.



The Pugio on its own.



"Memento Mori"   "...Remember We Die!"



The 1st Century A.D. Roman MAINZ GLadius on it's own, showing off the Repousse~ and Chasing work on the Scabbard Plates. 

I do all of the work myself. The Blades, hilts, carving, scabbards, leatherwork, Repousse~ and Chasing.



Close ups of the hilts...




The Pugio and Scabbard... Smooth Draw...




The Gladius Smooth Draw



A look at my Maker's Mark on the Gladius.

Edited by Patrick Pointer
Spacing of the photos and captions
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3 hours ago, Doug Lester said:

Now that really makes me feel depressed.  No way I'll ever be able to do anything that fantastic.




Thank you for the complment?  Please don't be or feel depressed.  I have been there... the deepest depression ever and I vow... never to go back!  When it comes to just about ananything in my life...  I have always had this belief... If I can "See it" in my minds eye... I can achieve it!   I hope that my works inspire you to do greater things than I have achieved.  I am still "In process" and I have far from "arrived" to my greatest potential.  Still learning and gleaing from others.  Keep the edge Sharp!


In His Service and Yours


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Wow! Wonderful work Patrick. Love to see any WIP pics if you ever get the time. 

"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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Ahhhhh... LOL these acronyms get me at times...  :)


Well, if you would like to see "Works In Progress" check out my facebook page: Master Carver and Maritime Artist Patrick B. Pointer.  I have WIP's, some short tutorials and pictures of both the sword making progress and scabbards there.


I also will be having a Giveaway there soon, so make sure you "Like" and "Share" the page to be eligible. 

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