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The "Avenger" A Roman Gladius and Scabbard

Patrick Pointer

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Here is a recent 1st Century Roman Mainz Gladius i created and call "The Avenger" (Style) That is my own "Name" of the style of the hilt.  the "V" that is hand carved in the Guard, gives me the name.


It is totally Historically Accurate and based on Archeological Discoveries and measurements other than the blade is made of 1095.


A 1st Century Mainz Gladius with historically accurate Gladius and Scabbard.  I call this style "The Avenger."



Gladius and Scabbard



The smooth draw... with a sheep's wool lined scabbard.



The "Avenger"  hand carved hilt.  "V" for "VICTORY???" The hilt is hand carved based directly on archeological discoveries.

The Pommel and Guard are hand carved from European Black Walnut.  The Grip is hand carved from Italian Olive Wood.






I create everything by hand here in my shop.  The Blades, Hilts, Scabbards, Leather Work, Brass Hardware, And Plated.






The Scabbard... Hand Repousse~ and Chased Roman Eagle "Aquila" with a snake in it's beak. 


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Beautiful work! True works of art, the sheath and sword.  Not sure if it’s my imagination but the light reflection makes those grinds look like they are hollow/concave.....to me anyway.  Is it hollow ground and were the originals?  Thanks,  Clint

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