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New knife - but another Puukko!

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To All, 
I haven’t and usually don’t post stuff, seldom do WIP photos or videos but everyone else is. 
So I need to get out of my shell I guess. 
Since last spring, I’ve made improvements to my tools, (what little I have), made some fortunate knife sales to generate cash for supplies and of course make knives.
This Puukko is a heftier version of what I like to do…….. more of a hunting knife than one for EDC. With a rhomboid blade, no tang & with the guard 1/2” thick, it’s really difficult to drill out a hole to insert the tang and maintain a flush, clean finish blade to guard.
So, I chose to enclose the tang with NS “bookends” soldered together and soldered to a 410 stainless plate with excess catching the blade itself and it’s set solid. I hope you can get the picture, sorry for no WIP. 
The blade is 52100 steel, handle is Kingwood, hardware is NS and 410 stainless.
Anyway, I am pleased with the final product.

Thanks for looking, if you choose to!
 I am open to answer any questions.

Gary LT







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Thank you Alan! Much appreciated.

I have some more stuff including tool upgrades I thought to post.

I’ll get this done over the next week or so.

Gary LT


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Thank you Charles.

I plan to do more work with this 52100. Even though it’s been around for a long time, I never chose to work with it.

No issues forging and I like the way it sands to a reasonable shine. 

Gary LT 

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Thank you for offering your thoughts both Rob and Doug. 
I do need to open a bit and get more active here with both stuff I am pleased with and stuff that I could have done better.

Gary LT

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