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New sheath for new knife(almost)

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I need to make the jump to leather. No matter what I do kydex marks my blades up after a few dozen times in and out.

Is that just deco stamping next to the stitching....does that keep it from cutting the threads?? I need to search out some sheath threads.

I just paid 90.00 ea. for 2 sheaths. I have never heard of that kind of wood.

It looks a whole lot like a batch I bought out of south africa. The guy there is calling is peruvian pepper burl.




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Yes, the stamping is purely decretive. There's a welt between the inner and outer leather where the stitches are. That's what keeps blade from cutting stitches.


I've not of the wood either. Guy sent it to me. Had to look it up...LOL


That wood kinda looks like it.

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