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An overnighter away from the shed

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Home after an overnighter to test the caravan. I think it will probably be into the cooler end of summer and into the autumn that will see us spend more time away. Anyway here is a short video I put together and unfortunately Some of it was done on the ph with its dusty lense but at least it shows some of what we had to enjoy.




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I watched the video on your YT site when it posted. Comments were turned off, so I was hoping you'd post it here. Looks like a fun little camper.

That was a really nice area you guys went to. I really dig that 4-burner stove. Ours only has a 2-burner inside and another 2-burner outside. That is the perfect size for two people. Have fun mate! Let the adventures begin!

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@Joshua States Yes comments are turned off on my YT channel as there was someone who was trolling me at one stage so it is something I had to do to keep comments from detracting from the videos.

The van is one of the English models and very well set out. The first one I have had that is self contained with full bathroom so that is a nice addition. The stove is as versatile as our home one but to be honest there wont be the big cooking sessions when we are away as those times are as much of a break away for Lyne as they are for me so keeping things as simple for her is part of the idea of getting away.

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