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Albion Tiberius Fulham Gladius Re-Hilt With Scabbard

Patrick Pointer

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Although I create my own blades and specialize in Roman Swords, Pugiones, Knives and Scabbards from 300 b.c. to 4th Century a.d. and still researching... I have had people ask me questions like: "Do you forge blades or are they Material removal?" Answer: Both.  Do you re-hilt existing blades?  Answer: Indeed. (See Below.)

This is my latest Sword “Re-Hilt” and Scabbard Creation Commission for a client. 

The Sword Blade is an older Albion "Tiberius" Fulham blade that I Re-Hilted for the client. 

The hilt is inspired from a Hilt I created for a Museum here in the United States that was based on the Domitius Ahenobarbus Relief. The hilt is entirely hand carved from Premium White Holly. The inset Guard Plate and Pommel Finial are made of Brass and the plate bears my Maker’s Mark.

It was interesting to re-hilt this Albion Blade as I do not believe the tang is historically accurate and surprisingly slightly off center of the midrib and was not perpendicular to the butt of the blade. Not saying that Albion its at fault, but the tang is more of a rattail tang and may have been bent at some point.

The Scabbard based on Christian Miks Catalogue on Roman Swords and Scabbards Tafel 193 A699. If my translator is correct the scabbard is in the København National Museum -

The Gutters, Mouth Plate, Suspension Bands, Cross Brands and Chape finial are made of brass. 

The Locket Plate, Terminal Plate and Chape Plate are "solid" Fine Silver .999. The inscription on the Terminal Plate was changed for the Client’s desire to say “Honor Et Patria” (Honor and Country or Honor and Fatherland) the Chape Plate has intricate cutaways, leaving small windows to all of e leather underneath to be seen.  

The Top Locket plate is the only thing that is not historically accurate according to an archeological discovery for a scabbard plate, however it was adapted from a Sardonyx cameo fragment with Jupiter astride an eagle. Period: Hellenistic or Early Imperial; Date: 1st century B.C.-1st century A.D
The plates are created by hand with the Repousse~ and Chasing Technique. The suspension rings are cast lost wax cast in brass.
You see a video of it on my facebook page: 


I added a few pictures of the "In Process" for those who requested them from my last post.Gower Blue5.jpg

Gower Blue 1.jpg

Gower Blue 2.jpg

Gower Blue4.jpg

Gower Red1.jpg

Gower Red2.jpg

Gower Red6.jpg
















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Awesome work Patrick and thanks for posting some of the work in progress pics. I really gives appreciation of just how much work and skill goes into the finished product.. 

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"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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Rob... (I know this is a "BLADE" sight...) But here are some in the process pics of the scabbard creation.Screen Shot 2019-06-25 at 4.23.34 AM.png

THis is the portion of the Cameo that was found.  Not everything is there, so using other research materials from the 1st Century AD... I filled in that I believe was missing in my preliminary drawing.  



The main area was Repoussed (Raised from behind... then flipped over in the pitch and what I am doing in this picture is "Chasing" back the silver and beginning to add depth and details.


What it looks like from the backside once the metal has been "raised."

Below: Here (If it will insert) is "Chasing" back the details in the Chape Plate small video.  Notice all of the tools for the Repousse~ and chasing technique.  This is about an 1/8th of the Repousse tools I have.




2423BBB0-4CFA-4FFB-A4F9-45400D63FE0B.heic DA5A1D6E-3D03-42E0-9856-A3567293AF5C.heic C74A5FB0-407A-4053-B18E-6898BCD31DDD.heic 74ED67FA-2E37-4C98-9C49-7FB49D82D128.heic BB5C888E-8A18-4EA0-B9DF-1C22B19E7D37.heic A0F3D4C0-CD81-48FD-9A22-D82C6E240431.heic

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Wow. That’s fantastic. Thanks again for showing.

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"Old dogs care about you even when you make mistakes" - Tom HALL - Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon wine.


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