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Langeid type sword Warg Sword

peter fontenla

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Hello fellow forum members! How are you, I want to share this Viking sword as a Christmas gift, or rather yule !! We present the Warg, inspired by a sword from the late Viking age, discovered during the summer of 2011 in the town Norwegian from Langeid. Like the original sword, the Warg has a Petersen Æ type guard in the style of those found in Ål and Buskerud, Norway or Suontaka in Finland. One of the most interesting features is the extremely short and historically correct grip. The hilt only supports three fingers, so the little finger partially rides on the pommel and the forefinger and thumb prey on the guard, this apparently impractical feature of the short grip, however, was very ergonomic and versatile, providing advantageous options to who knew how to wield it.
Regarding the art applied to the sword, we consulted Jonas Lau Markussen, with the intention of approaching a hypothetically feasible ornamentation. Chronologically the tomb of the Langeid sword is located in the year 1030, a time that coincides with the late Mammen or early Ringerike styles. The silver spirals embedded in the original sword are a clear clue to this. Examples of inspiration for the bronze sheath and end piece art are the Cammin and Bamberg chests. The Vang runestone No. 84 (Oppland province, Norway), gave us the theme around which the sword was developed (wolves of Norse mythology) and the Ringerike style of the inlays with silver threads of the cross and the pommel and the “warg” wolf embedded in 24 carat gold in the hollow of the blade.
The blade is forged in 1090 and 15N20 random damask, 80 centimeters long and 54 millimeters wide at the base. The fittings are forged in iron. The pommel is inlaid with silver, runes and a mask of Odin, as well as the guard has two wolves facing each other armed with shields and swords howling at a mask of Odin, which has one of its eyes inlaid in 24 karat gold. The short hilt is made of wood wrapped in sterling silver wire, just like Langeid's sword. The scabbard is made of wood wrapped in chiseled leather with a loop for transport made of deer guampa.
Total length: 91 centimeters
Blade length: 80 centimeters
Blade width at base: 54 millimeters
Weight: 1150 grams
The photographs were taken by a friend who knows about the subject! I hope you like it, Merry Christmas to everyone











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I don't know what to say. There are no adequate words.

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