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Multibar seax WIP

Jaro Petrina

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I have  two long bars to weld, these are old wrought, I hope it goes well, because I havent tried this one yet.  Then two fat ones they are 7 layer  O1+15N20 to be welded, drawn and torded. And the edge bar is C45W, which I still might swap for something more hardenable in which case I would move this to be the back of the blade.

This should be a little pocket massacre with over 10 mm thickness at the thickest point, so we shal see, for I had the tendency to overforge the thickness.  Chance also is that I have altogether too much material in which case the knife will be bigger and the drawing conveniently lost in the process :D 


Cleaning of the surfaces took me better part of the afternoon.


image000000 (4).jpg

image000000 (3).jpg

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