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Some kitchen knives

Bjorn Gylfason

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  • 4 weeks later...

Been doing some more san mai blades and have finally gotten around to having stencils done to actually mark the blades I make.


Pink ivory and ebony for the handle on this one. I like those tropical woods mostly because all you need to do to get a nice finish is just sand and polish



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And even more. Slowly getting better at ending up with a cladding somewhat symmetrical between sides. Forging them very close to thickness to get the cladding close to the edge has had me sweating in the grinding room about actually finding the core steel :lol:










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  • 2 weeks later...

And the latest one. Probably not the most efficient blade shape but just wanted to make it :lol:


Clay hardened C100, 21cm cutting edge and is 60mm tall so knuckles are free from the cutting board even with that overall shape.


I spent quite a bit of time finishing and putting small bevels on each piece of the handle before assembly and I do think it was worth the time. Buffalo horn, copper and a really interesting piece of boxwood









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And one more. Clay hardened C100 steel. 3.2mm thick at the bolster and has a convex distal taper to the tip. 60mm tall at the heel and a 22cm cutting edge. Handle is ebony, copper and mallee burl.


On one hand I kind of want to spend a day rubbing it with lemon juice and polish but on the other I'm curious how it will end up with a natural patina with use


Have one more to go before turning the focus to a bunch of outdoor knives and then maybe just maybe I'll have time for some of the swords that are strewn around the workshop :lol:







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You are turning out some fine pieces lately.

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Been a while since the last but here's a nakiri that now just needs some final polish and sharpening


The core is 115crv3 with a cladding in 75ni8 and 80crv2


Decided to try out an heirloom fit on the gidgee handle against the copper washer and think I'll continue making them with the edges slightly rounded instead on the next ones





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  • 3 weeks later...

And actually got a commission to make a knife for once.


115crv3 core with a damascus cladding the I made so long ago I have no idea about layers in it :lol:


The ebony in the grip is just amazing but my phone just really can't pick up the deep colours and tones in it





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  • 11 months later...

That is truly unique and special, never seen a handle like that, can't recall ever seeing that cut-out pimping on a chef's knife, and the hamon is spectacular!


Where do you get inspiration like that?

I want to push myself to try new things and pick up new skills, but it feels like I borrow ideas and then end up with something duller because i value practicality over artistry.

On a fly fishing forum I used to frequent they always discussed Poets vs. Engineers, feel like an engineer vir a poet screaming to come out :lol:

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6 hours ago, Gerhard Gerber said:

Where do you get inspiration like that?



I look at pictures and then more pictures and browse books and look at historical objects and then browse some more pictures. Then small bits and details here and there stick in my head until I have no idea any longer where said things come from :lol: 


Then it's just the question of somehow incorporating details into one piece in some way they kinda look right together 

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