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Reworked fireman's axe

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Hey everyone.  Ive had an old fireman's axe for a while and finally got around to working on it.  I decided to try to make it viking ish.  I cut the old handle off and did a small amount of forge work to thin out the head a bit.  I finished the shaping with a lot of file work and grinder time.  The head was quenched in oil.  I bought and chopped up a new handle from Lowes.  Im pretty sure it's hickory.  I have a new wood burner so decided to get fancy.  I looked up viking runes and burned in "Bloodfury" on one side and "Slayer of Mortals" on the other.  I also burned in a sea serpent on the sheath.  I got my hands nice and dirty with forge scale and steel powder to grind into the sheath to give it a nasty look.  All in all, I like the way it turned out.  As per my usual, I cut myself while making this and I managed to keep the streak alive of bleeding on everything I've made.  I guess Bloodfury is fitting.





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