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Japanese natural stones for sharpening where to buy them and not get ripped off ?

Troels Saabye

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It has been a while since i have been active in here ;), had a lot on my plate, had to almost completely give up making charcoal this summer made a single batch with my new retort :b just got to glue the insulation to it and find a shell to protect it from rain and water :P.

But My body has completely broken down.. i have constant pains and aches and cannot work at the forge because i am too heavily medicated (opioids and cannabis is the only thing keeping me sane a long side muscle relaxers...) So i have moved to stock removal by hand, i cannot trust myself around power tools and fire anymore.. at the ripe old age of 28 my body is as far gone as a person in their mid 70s  -.-..

Now the main thing : I have started to live a life with a lot of seafood in the form of sushi  i make myself with safe fish(mainly tuna and salmon but planning on maqurel soon if i can find some safe stock), and now i find myself in need of some other type of sharpening aids, i have a set of synthetic stones 500 grit 3000,6000 and 5000/8000 and a natural very hard mystery stone i think is way past 8k since the finish take forever to develop but is mirror like.  But now i just ordered a yanagiba 270mm and a 180 mm deba for cutting fish ^^ but i kind of want to switch to a more "traditional" way and i like the way the few japanese stones i worked on was.

But where do you buy a good set or single japanese natural stones for sharpening kitchen knives ? softness  around level 2 to 3 not as hard as my stone for honing razors. I know they are costly and that is why i do not want to buy a fake one :P

I know there are perfectly good synthetic stones on the market, but i am not interested - just dont like the look of them to be honest :b


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Namikawa is second to none in customer service. Also, a good source of stones is Lee Valley Tools- I don't know if they ship overseas though.



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