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And now for something entirelly different

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I know its not related to blades, but its such a darn nice piece of wood. The only thing I regret is putting modern string holder on her, as she would pass easy for 16. century Italian piece, if I used just 8 small forged nails.








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10 minutes ago, Geoff Keyes said:

Is that all carved from a single piece of wood?  Very nice.  Tuned like a Mandolin/Violin?




Yes they were carved from one piece body and neck until somewhen in 17. century they started to be built more like modern guitars,because much less wood is needed.  They can be tuned in variety ways and have lots of strings I did this one GDAD (and double strings) for easy playing.  It basically mediaval looking Irish bouzouki - which I think is real sucessor of the citterns.

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just clarification
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