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A friend asked me if I could take one old "stage" sword and regrind it into a sharp one, for show purposes, like PET bottle cutting and to have one to show to audience as a sharp one. It was quite bad. Supposedly made by a "good" maker, it had no tip, the guard was loose (even though the sword was not too much used), the pommel is cracked where he was punching too cold and the "edge" had big teeth (because even though its 5160, the heat treat is bad and it is on the soft side).  If I reground it for the correct profile, I would have no metal left, so I have ground short convexes on the present hollow, disassembled the thing, reset the guard (the shoulders were bad), shortened the handle by 10 mm, then assembled everything. Peened the cracked pomel anew.  This was actually signed blade. I dont know, why people do this. Surelly wasnt cheap either.  

image000000 (5).jpg

image000000 (4).jpg

image000000 (3).jpg

image000000 (2).jpg

image000000 (1).jpg


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