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Single Edged Viking age Sword/long sax fuller help

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Hi guys I'm currently trying to make my first sword/long sax a 530mm long (not including the tang) pattern welded viking age single edged sword/long sax. And I need some help to decide what to do with the fullering. First I was going to have a spine of wrought iron but forgot to add it. So because I forgot to add it the fuller is going to have both the pattern welding and the wrought from the middle of the blade. So what I`m wondering is if that would look odd? And having never done a fuller is it easier to grind it out now or after grinding the profile. Or should I even add a fuller and instead go for a full flat grind like on a seax? Would that be historically accurate for a sword/long sax like this?



The blade has a spine made out of 1095 and 15n20 20 layer twist and the edge is 1095 sandwiched between wrought iron.

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