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Schively Knife questions

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I am new to knife making. I started this craft because of one knife that I acquired from a garage sale. When I first saw the knife I knew there had to be a history to it. I was told that it was a kitchen knife. The person selling the knife went on to tell me that it might be a good throwing knife. They started demonstrate the throw and said I wanted the knife before he threw it at a nearby tree. I began a quest for information. I have now hit a dead end. I want to find a buyer for my so that I can get further into the craft of making knives. Does anyone here have a suggestion on how to locate a serious buyer for this knife? It is a Schively Hunting Knife. My research has shown me that there are only about ten examples in existence. This particular one is the best I have seen. I have included a couple of photos. Like I said, I am new to crafting knives. I'm out of ideas and low on funds. Remove if not allowed. Thanks. Jim T. 20201223_212859_HDR.jpg


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