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Starting a New Project

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Often when starting a new project I turn to the masters of the 19th century for inspiration.  For my next I'm turning to the knives of John D. Chevalier of New York.


As is often the case, I plan on making a few changes to the original design just to make it my own.  With this one I plan on using damascus for the blade.  I'm thinking about a wolf's tooth pattern (which is a variation of a ladder).  For the two piece coffin shape handle scales I'm going to use some white ivory for the front.  Instead of stag as on the back of the original, I'll use some mastodon bark.  For the fittings I'll use 416 rather than nickel silver.




chas ivory


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Starting on the hilt:  


(The stainless frame will get split to accept the tang after I get everything drilled to match.)

chevalier hilt 2


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This project has been on the back burner for a while but I managed to get the ivory handle scales glued & pinned.  I made a small change to the handle of this one as the spacer between the new & fossil ivory is now of both 416 & brass.  Eventually it will get a fuller filed down the center of it (as will the oval guard). 


Everything is still very rough now as I decided to do all of the final shaping of the hilt on this one after being glued & pinned.  I'll just need to be extra careful not to let the ivory get too hot when shaping it.


[I've put off making the guard until I get the damascus blade sanded & etched so as not to slot the guard too loosely.]



img 0374 opt


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The handle combination of ivories looks great, I believe I like it better than the original too. Looking forward to an etch reveal of the blade as well.

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