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Possibility of selling a lightly used MZ75 power hammer

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Hello everyone


So my workshop purchased a new MZ75 from Ken's precovid and subsequently suffered from covid and no longer had the budget for installing the proper foundation for it. We tried the old throw rubber under it as a temporary during the summer hoping the situation would resolve but alas it didn't and the neighbors got angry about the vibrations. 

So I and the other workshop users are deciding  to stick it out hoping finances improve or to sell it and replace it with a press.


It is a under year old MZ75 power hammer with maybe 10 hrs of operation time under its belt that has basically been sitting for 90% of 2020 accumulating sawdust from the otherside of the workshop. It was well maintained during its little use being lubed basically every time it was used and operates perfectly normal. It has the upgraded 2.5"x5" flat dies from Ken's for its die set.


We are looking to sell it for $4000-$4500 if there is interest.


If you are interested DM me with questions or let me know of your interest. It will take approximately 8 days for us to go through our removal policy at the workshop so once I receive interest I can start the process. 



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