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Couple of knives, couple of hamon attempts

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Hey everyone.  Here are my latest 2 knives.  I'm still working on my hamons but I think I'm making progress.  I finally bought some Parks 50 and some ferric chloride.  The knife with the burning on the sheath was quenched in motor oil and the other in Parks 50.  The difference is crazy.  I also learned to try to mirror your clay on both sides of the blade.  I made a paper stencil of the line then traced it on the blade with a sharpie before I put the clay down.  As you can see on the burned sheath, I am a fan of the band Tool and burnt in the all seeing eye and their 7 pointed star.  I also hit it with a little bit of color before i sealed it.  Both of these blades are 1095.  One handle is some kind of dark hardwood stacked with black micarta with hickory under that, then stained.  I dont really like the stain because it hides the micarta stacks so I will probably sand it down and try something else.  The other handle is some cool black/red micarta I bought from Jantz.  Awesome website by the way.  I made the smaller knife as an appendix carry.  I think I'm going to keep this one for myself.  As always, pointers and critiques are welcome.  I hope you guys are having a good one!  Off to the next project!







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