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SS tube for canister

Geoff Keyes

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Has anyone tried this?  If so, do you use a release agent or not?



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I said that.


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So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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I saw a demo once of using SS exhaust pipe as cannister.  He used a sheet of newspaper.  He also said you can use aluminized exhaust header tubing with no release agent, sine the aluminizing makes it nonstick. 

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1 hour ago, Kreg Whitehead said:

Or maybe tossing a regular can in the forge a few times to get some scale built up....just thinking out loud.

I was wondering about this same thing.  Would that work, or would the oxides get reduced back into steel in the low oxygen environment?

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