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Roman Pugiones "In Progress"

Patrick Pointer

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Pugiones... Pugiones... two are in the making. One is for a client... The other one for the taking!

A Pugio is the Legionary's backup weapon.  Longer than a Dagger and considered by many as a Roman "Short Sword" the Pugione, much like a Gladius is the backup weapon worn on the Left Hip or over the Groin of the Soldier.  These Pugiones have a "Gladius" style hilt replicated and sized from known Roman Gladius Hilts.  There were other Pugiones that had Metal Plated Hilts and full metal Scabbards.  

Here is the progress of two blades being made side by side.  One is for a client, the one on the bottom or right, will be available to finish.

The one the upper Left is for the client and is being made to specifics. The one pictured to the Right and the Bottom Right can be finished in different ways and is open for your interpretation.

Pugiones 1.jpg   Pugiones 2.jpg   

If you are interested in purchasing the Pugio... It is at a place right now where there is room for customizing it to your finished liking. And if you want a scabbard for it.. Let's Talk.

The blades are based on the following blades from PUGIO - GLADIUS BREVIS EST: 
Fig. V/18: specimen preserving the pommel of closure. It represents one of the few clues of “tight insertion-subtype “A” technology in its secondary version.
Fig. V/19: “tight insertion subtype A” technology
#53 river Kupa, Sisak (Croatia) Arheološki muzej u Zagrebu – Zagreb (Croatia) II 
#91 unknown private collection II house Hermann Historica (Munich-Germany), 44th auction

Progress on the Pugio:

thumbnail_IMG_9757.jpg   thumbnail_IMG_9768.jpg   thumbnail_IMG_9773.jpg   thumbnail_IMG_9774.jpg   thumbnail_IMG_9775.jpg
Filing in the point                                                                                  Fitting to the Scabbard, checking fit and overhang of the guard.  The                                                                                                               "Green" that you see on the scabbard is protective tape to protect th                                                                                                               leather.

More Progress:
The Pommel has been carved.  The Pommel Finial And washer has been made and tight fitted.

thumbnail_image1.jpg   thumbnail_image2.jpg    thumbnail_image0.jpg

The next pictures will be the finished Pugio and Scabbard.

Edited by Patrick Pointer
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