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Ever had the steel tell you what it wanted to be?

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So I had a piece of 5160 I’d planned to make a broadsword for a basket hilt. As I got going it quickly started telling me it wanted to be something else. A friend of mine challenged me to make a Viking sword and perhaps that was in the back of my brain? Heck I don’t know.  Anyway this is what I’ve got so far.  I wanted it to be longer but don’t we all.  It’s at 24” at the moment and I’m hoping it’ll get an inch going through the bevels. So is 24-25” blade too short for the later Viking swords? I’ve looked and it seems it would be a tad short but it’ll be wide, thin in cross section, and I like it. Let me have it.. I’m low hanging fruit here. Thanks fellows and hope y’all are safe and happy!



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I'm no expert on these things, but a quick look at my reference texts tells me that 25 inches (63 cm) is at the shortest end of the scale. Geibig's typology puts those shorter blades in Type 4. Latter part of 10C through first half of 11C. Width at origin is 4.5-5.0 cm.


It doesn't necessarily have to be a "Viking" sword, does it? At this point, it looks like a lot of pretty standard fullered swords of the mediaeval period. The term "arming sword" comes to mind.

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