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Mars Rover Landing

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It's pretty cool what humans can do when we work together.  The Perseverance Mars rover is set to land today just before 9:00PM GMT.


Here is the live stream if you are into that sort of thing:



Here is an animated simulation of the event:




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This is remarkable Brian. Saw an update on a news feed and was looking through other YouTube info as well.

One, “The Insane Engineering of Perseverance”, blew me away.

(And I think I did well building two belt sanders.....geez)

Gary LT

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My real job is as an engineer for control systems and machine design.  I've done some hairy stuff, and had my share of holding my breath moments.  I still can't imagine what these folks are going through right now!

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An amazing machine and even more amazing technicians! To take something over 2000lbs with the wheel base of your average suv and drop it on another planet is more than most people can dream about. The really great thing about this rover is the power-source. No more worry about dust storms messing with the solar panels. Instead it has a tiny 110w nuclear generator that will keep it running even during the Martian winter. I can't wait to see how the mini copter they have on it deals with the Martian winds.

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