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Starting a New Design

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Recently we've had the largest snow accumulation in the past twenty years and sub-zero temps which have precluded much shop time but it has afforded me some time for design.  I believe that for my next project I'm going to build a renaissance style dagger.  I have started on a new variation of an explosion pattern mosaic damascus which should work well for it.  Since it will have a "busy" pattern  blade, I think a fairly plain hilt of blackwood & 416 will compliment it well.


My biggest pre-production problem that I see is that my little mini lathe won't accept a large enough diameter stainless round rod to turn the size pommel that I would prefer but I'll dig into my "bag of tricks" and figure something out.


I'll try to keep you advised as I progress.



renaissance dagger design.jpg opt


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7 minutes ago, Gary Mulkey said:

It is a 3 jaw chuck that opens to 1"

Depending on how much swing you have over the cross slide, you can add .25" to your widest dimension then use a saw or cut off wheel to cut one end of your stock small enough to fit in the chuck.

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4 hours ago, jake cleland said:

On some 3 jaw chucks you can remove and invert the chuck teeth to grip larger stock...

Most of the 3 jaws I've used had jaws that come off to be inverted due to the shape of the threading mechanism.

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After a bit of massaging I got my little lathe to accept 1.25" which I was happy with.  You can see that I hollowed the pommel which is mainly for weight reduction.


The damascus billet for the blade is a variation of an explosion pattern.  Once I was happy with the pattern, I got the billet annealed and cut into tiles.  I'll try to get it welded tomorrow.


dagger billet opt


dagger tiles opt


dagger pommel opt


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