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Another knife another hamon WIP

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Hey everyone.  I hope you guys are doing ok!  This is a WIP for a biker buddy of mine.  The blade is 1095, false edge across the top with a top and bottom hamon.  I used 3M fire block cement to get the hamon.  The blade was normalized 3 times, quenched in Parks 50 and tempered at 400F for 2 hours.  This the first time I've had the hamon take all the way into the spine.  I used 10/1 distilled water to ferric chloride for 9 minutes to bring the hamon out.


Next on the to do list is to get the scales on.  The biker buddy is giving me a pair of lapel pins for me to embed in the scales.  Im pretty excited about it and I hope I dont botch it haha!  I will probably do some kind of burn on the sheath once I get there.  More pics to come as I get through this one.


As always, critiques and pointers are welcome.  Have a good one guys!









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55 minutes ago, Alan Longmire said:

You, sir, are a fast learner!  Looks good. 

Thanks to you guys!  I really appreciate the pointers you guys have given me!

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13 minutes ago, clint c said:

Looks very nice.  I am betting if you thinned out the clay a bit that the pattern would more closely follow your lines.  Either way it turned out nicely!  Clint

Thanks Clint!  This is the 2nd knife I've made with this 3M Fire Block.  It comes in a tube like caulk.  Next time I will probably put it on some cardboard and try to paint it on instead of going straight to the blade from the tube.

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I got the micarta and scales on yesterday and started the rough grind on the scales tonight.  Im not going to go any further until I get the pins and embed them in the scales.  I don't think I'll get the pins until next Tuesday so I guess it's time to start on the sheath.  I suck at leatherwork and making sheaths is the bane of my existence haha!





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