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First two blades of the year a Seax and Birka

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This year I decided to ramp up my knife production and with the help of my blacksmith friend Michael Bergstrom also try my hand at some commission work. I'm currently beating my usual blade production of 1 knife every few months to about 1 blade a month with room for improvement :lol:.  The Seax was inspired by anglo saxon broken backs and is comprised of a body of wrought iron I had bought that came from a civil war era ship link. The edge was a flat bar of 1095. The blade measures around 7" with a tang just under 4" and has been shipped off to the customer for hilting. The Birka was a twist cutoff piece from my first multi bar seax I had forged, with a little more twisting to help show the pattern better. That blade ended up at 4" with a 3" tang and was sent to Michael to put on a handle. 
Hope you'll like the blades! Any comments or critiques are also greatly appreciated! 

Seax shape.jpg

Seax thickness.jpg

Birka pattern.jpg

Birka shape.jpg

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