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Thanks Bob!  I hope to revisit the fish-mouth construction again since I got so close, possibly on a bigger scale for a different project to maybe make getting all the pieces together a little less of a hassle....but for this project I'm feeling a little better about releasing the lap weld version into the wild, lol:lol:

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Slowly making progress on this guy. :) 

I'm actually excited to see it all etched, but I'm trying to be better about making sure the finish is proper before I etch and show people, lol!

We're at a rough 400~600 grit finish, still working the socket area to get it consistent.  Pictured with potential sheath doodle designs...:ph34r:
spear&sheath doodle.jpg   spear sheath drawing.jpg


Also did a dry fit on a short handle.  I figured the small scale of the spear head warranted something 2ft or less.  This is a piece of Plum wood from about 6 years ago, it has a cool grey color to it towards the butt end, and finishes a very warm yellow hue similar to yew wood :) 
spear dry fit.jpg

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Dragging my feet on attaching the spear and polishing...handles are always my least favorite part and what trips me up the most.:wacko:
So I procrastinated by making the sheath!:P
spear sheath mock up.jpg  Mock up next to the sketch


 spear sheath embossing wip.jpg        spear sheath embossed.jpg
Still learning how to emboss, but I'll take it!
Next is a new process to me: Dyeing Leather!  I used RIT liquid dye and warm water.  Initially I did like a 3 minute soak for each piece, but I wasn't very happy with the evenness or saturation, so I ended up just leaving it overnight.  It seemed to do much better that way.

spear sheath done.jpg  spear sheath and spear w-concept.jpg
Here we are Dyed and Stitched together.  I kept the rough edges because I liked how fantasy-esque it looked with the design on it.."Tolkien-ranger"-esque if you like...B):rolleyes:  I know the sheath is quite big for the blade, but it helps give room for the design, and its kind of fun to see people's surprise when they pull out the lil stabby guy from the sheath, lol! 
Tonight I'll start in on marking and drilling pin holes

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And We’re Done! 
whew…wasn’t sure if I was gonna make that, lol:P

1065/Wrought Head, Copper Pin, Hemp-Wrapped Plum Wood, and decorated Leather sheath with Brass danglies


0ED152A9-AE38-4CF2-9DF2-47F5A52A92FE.jpeg  C9B57428-6A5F-4708-96C1-3A9ED319EC73.jpeg  D505CF73-B9E7-4CF1-A59B-63A45A1D8D3D.jpeg  FCDBB254-C054-4A6F-BC66-1843057DDAA5.jpeg  511B32DD-F80E-4624-8EC4-8177E430A335.jpeg  4AAFFC57-09FD-4310-8BEA-B40F64857666.jpeg

Here’s hoping she can meet muster with the rest if these amazing Entries!

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Good work.


In the future, if you have veg tan leather and want it black, I mean really black and even,


get some clean steel wool (wash the oil out of it), drop it in a pint (more or less) of white vinegar. Let it eat for a week or two. If your steel disappears just add some more. You can add bits of other stuff; nails, cut-offs, etc. Just make sure nothing is dirty, galvanized or otherwise plated, and not stainless.


After a week or two, strain the vinegar through a clean piece of cloth.


Then just wipe it on to clean veg tan. The leather can't have any oils or pre-sealers on it.


Try it on scrap first to test it before you go straight to your piece.

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That was a lot of work and I for one enjoyed your progress.

The end result speaks for itself!


Gary LT

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