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My "first" Carving knife

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First of all, I'm technically not a "blade"smith but yuh, here we are...


99% handmade and using old school japanese forging techs.

No modern/electrical equipment was used.


Blackthorn handle was turned on a treadle lathe,


Soft steel laminated to hardsteel core,

Kobuse build or non-cut-through-san-mai if that's more digestible, lol


Green tea etched and hardsteel polished with finger stones.


Guard fitted with a tiny copper triangle insert, for fun;P


Convex tapered forged ferrule with straight taper filed on inside.

Was a pain!


I had to remake everything multiple times. Cuz of "failure" or "hm that don't look right..."

3 handles

4 guards

9 blades 

2 washers

4 ferrules













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And that's how it usually goes! :rolleyes:  Looks good, though.  Good job!


We usually refer to kobuse as "hot dog in a bun" construction, or "wurst im brötchen" to you.  ;)


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Posted (edited)
12 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

"wurst im brötchen" to you.  ;)



Aight, I'll tell that to the customer "es ist eine traditionelle japanische "Wurstbrötchen verschweißung" XD


4 hours ago, steven smith said:

nice, its got a sort of "grandpas old knife" look to it

And once again I feel like an old man but

I guess it's true kids these day don't know how to appreciate....


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