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Trimming waxed handleblock ends

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Woods often come with the ends sealed with paraffin wax. Out of curiosity for those who use such woods how much do you find you need to trim off to get past the end grain penetration of the wax? Not usually an issue to just trim off a thick slice without much thought but I have some lovely smaller pieces that are already close to ideal handle lengths. (woods like apple, ash, masur birch, maple and such)

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I wouldn't say I have a lot of experience with this, but the few waxed blocks I've had didn't have enough penetration to worry about.


Are you trying to avoid adhesive issues?  

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Wow, life has really been getting in the way the past few months. I actually had no idea it had been four months since I posted this, I've noticed one of the effects of the past year and a half dealing with the pandemic is a severe disconnect with my recollection of the passage of time and the actual amount that passed.


Avoiding adhesive issues and oil finish penetration issues. As usual I was just overthinking. A thin slice off the end on the table saw was fine.

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