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Dinner Knife for the Wife... ;)

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Alright, so December 2019 I forged a fork for my wife (link HERE) and in 2020 I was suppose to get her a matching knife.. Now, time ran away from me - and I weren't able to finish it until now- but now I have! :lol:


Wife Knife-1.jpg


Wife Knife-2.jpg


Wife Knife-3.jpg


Wife Knife-4.jpg


The steel is 15n20 and.. something - I don't remember... :P


I decided to practice some more inlay, doing some 0,5mm and 1,0mm wire inlay into the "bolster" and heart. Made some use of my new Lindsay Bench Jewel Rotary Tool along with my newly acquired super small FG 1/4 dentist burs. :) (undercutting 0,5mm grooves is a b*tch... I mean - challenge! ;)) (even had to grind of the 0,5mm head, and sharpen a 0,2mm point for the undercuts... ^_^)


Alright - so on that note - Peace out, and I'm off to sharpen this little toothpick, and we'll see how it cuts the potatoes and baked vegetables. :lol:




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Just now, Brian Dougherty said:

Good lord man!  I hope my wife never sees that...

Haha! Yeah, my mother sends my wife clips of dudes doing poledancing tricks on Instagram.. I asked her "Do you have ANY idea the amount of pressure you're putting on ME?!" Haha! :lol: Man, I need to cut down on the carbs... :unsure:


Anyhow, I'm sure you'd be able to whip up something great! ;) (problem though, is not getting paid... :lol:)


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OK, if this is the knife you have to sharpen, I suppose we can give you a break on posting the etching pictures.




I second Brian's comment. Glad my wife doesn't frequent this forum.

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Just now, Alveprins said:

(problem though, is not getting paid... :lol:)


I hardly ever get paid for this stuff anyway. (My fault)  At least if I were to make something like that for the Mrs. I might get...  well, you know, it rhymes with paid...

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