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Hello all, hope you’re all having a great weekend. 
mom trying to improve on my design from start to finish. I’m drawing my designs out now instead of winging it, but I’m losing a lot of my design between the preform and hammering the bevels in. 

My question is, when you’re pre forming a blade based on a drawing, how do you know how to make the preform for that design? Hopefully my question makes sense and is in the right category. Thanks in advance. 

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A picture or two might help in getting specific suggestions.  In general tend to be 15-25% smaller than the finished piece, but about the same basic shape.  For some sorts of blades bending the tip down before drawing the bevels saves having to do a lot of correcting of the shape, letting the natural movement of the steel bring the overall shape of the steel into line.


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I think I know what you are asking.

I suggest that you make the drawing, copy it, cut out the blade and tang, and superglue it to a piece of 1/8" flat steel bar (or other stiff material)

Now you can take the template and draw the profile out on the anvil face using a soapstone. Hold your preform over the soapstone drawing and you will clearly see which areas need to move in what direction.


Template and tracing on the anvil.


6 B&T Forging Template V2.jpg

I start with the blade tip and work backward, forging the bevel as I go. This allows me to control the blade shape and size. 


3 B&T Forging Blade V2.jpg


Forging form on the tracing


7 B&T Forging Sizing V2.jpg

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