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Damascus process question

Geoff Keyes

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I'm trying to match an existing billed.  I misjudged how much steel I was going to need for a project and had to make a second billet.  I kept pretty good notes so I'm confident up to where I am now.


Here is the problem.  I blew up my 2 in squaring die, just mauled the heck out of it.  I have a new die on order, which I'm pretty sure I won't be able to kill, but until it gets here, I'm stopped.  So far I've done this

stacked and welded .090 stock
Turned on edge and crushed to 5/8ths

Cut into 3x2x5/8th slabs (9 pieces)

Stacked and welded, drawn to 2x2x7


On the other billet I then

Resquared on the diamond

Crushed to 5/8ths

Cut into pieces

Stacked and crushed into a 1x2 inch loaf


I'm eager to forge this down, I was thinking I might forgo the Resquare  and simply  crush this on the diamond and then restack.


Part of me thinks this might work, the rest thinks that any change changes the outcome and the new and old stock won't match.

What do you folks think?


BTW this a what the end cut of the existing billet looks like


IMG_2246 (Medium).JPG




"The worst day smithing is better than the best day working for someone else."


I said that.


If a thing is worth doing, it is worth doing badly.

- - -G. K. Chesterton


So, just for the record: the fact that it does work still should not be taken as definitive proof that you are not crazy.


Grant Sarver

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