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Noobie tries to forge weld

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Hey everyone!  I decided to make my first attempt at a forge weld today.  I don't have a welder to tack it all together so I used some wire.  Someone on here was talking about wire, but I can't remember who to thank for the tip.  I used a 1095 core with Home Depot mystery steel around it.  I fluxed it twice before the first hits.  I did 2 passes with light hits then 2 with medium/heavy hits before I had the nerve to hit the spine.  I fluxed between each heat.  I think it worked but I'm not 100% sure so I was hoping for some feedback.  I want to grind the billet a little more if it looks good to you guys before I make it into something.









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Don't see any cracks, no dark lines, no delaminations in any of those pics...


Time to start forging to a blade shape. 

You'll know when you start moving it, if anything comes loose.


But, id say it's looking good.

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Looks good to me too.  Well done!  Forge it into a blade.

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