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Found Parks 50 and AAA cheaper

Jesse Lange

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I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, so feel free to move it.


Recently, I was looking into buying some Parks 50 and AAA quench oil. The stuff is relatively expensive, so I did some digging and found the manufacturer, and realized that you can buy direct from them for roughly half of what most places charge.


Most places charge $250-300 for 5 gallons of Parks 50 shipped, and I was able to get 5 gallons of Parks 50 and 5 gallons of AAA for ~$230 shipped (total, for both). 


The manufacturer is Dubois Chemicals. Their web store is store.duboischemicals.com


I hope this doesn't violate any rules, just trying to save my fellow smiths some money. 



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I would think the Tools, Supplies, and Materials sub-forum might be a better fit for this info, but that isn't overly critical.  And sharing where to get good supplies on the cheap is always appreciated.  


Also, Kelly Couples sells it and a bunch of other stuff, though not quite as cheap as you got it (both would be $295, as they are $150 and $145 each, with free shipping).  


I had a couple sales guys from DuBois out the other day to talk about a new quench tank/system.  Probably going to go with water, at least for the first tank, but future planning is always good.  Nice guys.  I am hoping to eventually get some good cooling property info from them.  Viscosity, heat capacity, and such (all as a function of temperature, hopefully).  

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