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Wayne, I appreciate the recommendation and have looked at your site. I was kind of leaning away from a ribbon burner because I was afraid it would be a little too complicated. 

However, I am intrigued and now considering building a ribbon burner. I think I’ll be in touch for some of your casting and a 1/4” needle valve. It’ll make me feel better getting it from you. 

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Finally back at building the forge/burner. Life really gets in the way of these wonderful hobbies sometimes. I decided to go the ribbon burner route following instructions from Wayne’s page. I just have to cast it and get everything put together. I’ll attach a photo of the pipes. I have a lot of unnecessary length on them and will most likely lose a lot of them. I guess it just depends on my setup for the cart I’ll be using and how much length I end up needing. 



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