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1080 & Micarta Farm Knife

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This one is a late birthday present for my son-in-law. This is a family that is serious about their farming... hogs, goats, beef cattle, meat chickens, laying hens, turkeys, etc. I was watching them work up some meat chickens with a less than sharp knife and decided something needed to be done. This one is plain and simple... kinda like a beefed-up butcher knife, or hunter/butcher hybrid. It is around 11" with a 6" blade. Red micarta slabs, brass pins, and 1080 steel. Shaving sharp.










A note of nostalgia for some of you... I won this big piece of red micarta in the Knife in the Hat at Bowie's hammer-in one year. Bought the bar of 1080 from a sale table at Bowie's as well.


Been using the micarta for a sanding block for all these years... decided I needed something tough for this job.

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That should be a very welcome addition to the farmstead. The tapered tang is a very nice touch.

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Putting it to work...




Making some pork while the mornings are still cool.

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That should break down that hog  nicely.



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Your works is always good good Don. 
I like the simplicity / functionality of it and the tapered tang adds a little extra!

Gary LT

"I Never Met A Knife I Didn't Like", (Will Rogers)

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