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"Vegvisar" - the Pathfinder


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Hi everyone...


Previously I posted a little sneak peek at something I was working on.. Well, now that little something has come to completion - and I'm ready to share it with those who might be interested at having a look. :)


I've always wanted to give it a shot at a dagger - since this blade geometry has fascinated me ever since I was a kid...


And without further ado, after 170 work hours - I give you Vegvisar - the Pathfinder! :D


I have forged this dagger in honor of the four dwarves, Norðri, Suðri, Austri and Vestri - supporting the heavenly dome made from the skull of the jotun Ymir. Today we call this "the sky".


Vegvisar is forged in about 140 layers of 15n20 mixed with saw-blade steel - with a core of also saw-blade steel. The sawblade was sourced from a local old sawmill.


The ricasso of the blade is engraved and sculpted into a deep relief, with inlaid border of brass, and runes inlaid with copper.

On  one side the runes KH - my initials can be found, and on the other a single "T" for the god Tyr - as to ensure victory in battle.


The handle is in a composite of African Ebony wood, vulcanized fiber, and a steel frame made from saw-blade steel.

The steel frame has been engraved in a deep relief, with the names of all four dwarves on their proper side correlating to the cardinal points. Connecting all their names are straight lines of inlaid 24ct Gold.
On the front side of the knife - the name "VEGVISAR" is engraved.


the sheath is in 2mm thick leather, with a frame of brass. In the middle - near where the handle meets the sheath - there is a steel plaque engraved in relief with my initials in the runes KH, also inlaid with 24ct Gold.

On the belt loop I have placed a small brass plaque, engraved with the first rune of all four dwarves.

The sheath is hand sewn using saddlers stitches using black Tiger Thread, and stained a dark brown to match the handle.


Knife stats:

Blade length:10,8 cm
Blade width:2,5 cm
Blade thickness: 5mm at handle, tapering down to 1mm at tip.
Blade hardness at edge: 58 HRC.

Handle length:10 cm
Handle thickness:1,2 cm


And then there's the pictures:



























I believe that's about it... :)


It has been a learning experience, and having inlaid gold for the first time - I have to say it was a very pleasant experience in comparison to brass - which is much less maleable.

For the next one - I'll give it a shot at gemstones... maybe... ;)


Alright, have a nice weekend everyone - and peace out!




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3 hours ago, Alan Longmire said:

... You have certainly established your own style ...

Thanks everyone!

I suppose I have Mr. Longmire :)
although the frame for the dagger handle was heavily inspired by the numerous coffin handled bowies I've seen on the forum.. ;)

... With some slight variations of my own of course. :D



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22 hours ago, Brian Dougherty said:

day-um :o

I think that is my favorite of your pieces.

Thank you Brian! :D


Actually, I will be starting work on another one - slightly different quite soon... I have some ideas brewing - and steel already prepared. ;)

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Alright, so I wanted to make a special "Certificate of Authenticity" for this blade - but it turned out a disaster... <_<

I decided to make an attempt at illuminating some calfskin parchment with gold and silver pen, as well as caligraphy pointed permanent markers.


I made the design on my tablet, printed it - taped the parchment to the paper and traced the lines. However - my markers - struggled to transfer

any pigment down to the parchment, and only the very first lines from a fresh marker would be nice and clean... after that I had to use the marker multiple times over the same area in order to get a consistent line - which resulted in the line being all fuzzy.


Same with the hand written tekst - the markers would turn to sh*t after only a few sentences.


After about 8 hours of work non-stop the parchment was finished, but the result was horrible due to me having to do several passes with the markers. Lines were all fuzzy and went from clear in the beginning, to horribly disfigured further down... :wacko:


Anyhow, I decided to print the original design directly on 100% pure cotton paper instead - and went with that. I am left with a horrible feeling though, as I can't get over the absolute failure with the parchment. I think I need to do alot more research on parchment illumination, or just stick to binding "books" as I did previously... :lol:


Anyhow, this is the result - as it is...


Vegvisar Certificate-1.jpg


Vegvisar Certificate-2.jpg


For the Seax I am working on - I will bind a booklet like I did with my previous blade - Draumr Gripnir. I will not attempt parchment again in the near future I think. Unless I want to illuminate several pages of parchment, and bind that. I fear the illuminations would crack up if rolled up like in this case...


Anyhow - this piece sold only 13 hours after being posted online - so I am off to sharpen it before packing...


Until next time - Chiao! :)


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On 4/24/2021 at 7:59 AM, Alveprins said:

KH - my initials

Wait... your name isn’t Alvin Prince :wacko:. Oh well.


Seriously though, absolute excellent work. There is nothing not to love about this dagger. Into the inspiration folder it goes.

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