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Puukkon Historia is not exactly new, but there is a sequel that came out this year along with an English book by the same author. I believe they may have done another run of the original when they printed the second version as both are currently available on Adlibris. 

The English book has an introductory section talking about the history of the puukko starting from the Viking era to the present followed by a section with photos of knives from the collection of the Finnish National Museum grouped by type/region. The book was written by a knife maker and it shows. Each entry has most if not all of the dimensions useful for replicating a knife. An excellent read and I believe fairly easy to get your hands on in the US. 

Puukon Historia and the sequel are a similar premis, but much longer (703 and 767 pages respectively). They have many more photos of all different kinds of puukko. The second one focuses more on Sami knives. A typical entry is shown in the second photo. A word of warning: these books are in Finnish. Also, the seller doesn’t ship outside of Finland, Sweden, Norway, and possibly Denmark (I may have to check that last one). Obviously, I was able to buy them, so with some extra effort you can in fact get them to the US/elsewhere. I have been trying to get ahold of Puukkon Historia for years, so for anyone else in that position, know that at the moment it is possible (if not cheap or easy).


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Fantastic resource, thanks for sharing! I thoroughly enjoy this sort of historical compendium that is both well informed and well curated. Perhaps not the non-english ones for a time, but the first is at the top of the shopping list. 





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