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Measurements of an early spadroon blade

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http://myarmoury.com/talk/viewtopic.php?t=37332&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=100  It has the same aggressive distal taper in the first 15-20 cm, which fades to a gentler distal taper for most of the length of the blade, as the early 17th century rapiers in Vienna measured by two Austrian rapier fencers.  Quoting the owner, Adam Simmons:



It is English and comes from the late 17th C (so I'm told), weighs 580 grammes with a blade 29 inches long.

As such it is relatively short, light and handy. The blade is stiff and the edges are still sharp.



Taper metrics measured from the base of the blade to about 4cm from the tip are as follows:


Base: 5.7mm
10cm: 4.5mm
20cm: 3.8mm
30cm: 3.7mm
40cm: 3.5mm
50cm: 3.2mm
60cm: 2.9mm
70cm: 2.1mm


Base: 34mm
10cm: 29mm
20cm: 27mm
30cm: 25mm
40cm: 23.7mm
50cm: 21.5mm
60cm: 19.6mm
70cm: 13.5mm

While it is quite light I certainly wouldn't want to be hit with it!


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