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Forging bevels on forward-curving blades?

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Hey y'all 

I have a (probably stupid)question about forging bevels.

I understand how if one wanted, say, a sort of standard hunting knife profile, where the belly of the blade is straight and then tapers towards the point, you might start with a straight or even recurved profile. Then when you forge in the bevels, you end up with the proper shape. 


But what if you're making a "hook", or sickle sort of blade, where the edge curves in? How on earth do you maintain the inward curve?


I suppose you could just grind them in, but I imagine there must be a way to forge it to shape

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You can certainly grind it in, but it's also not too bad to forge. Do a classic overcurve to compensate for the edge spreading from forging in the bevel, but even more exaugurated, although you'll probably still need to forge on the long axis over the horn or other suitably not sharp cornered form. It doesn't induce an overly large amount of unwanted deformation to forge that sort of hook curve on a wedge shaped geometry for hot steel. Worst case you'll just need to flatten out the edge plane. A little baconing is not unusual, but also quick to fix.

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