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Tim Hancock #110 Blade and Sheath FS

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I have an early Tim Hancock for sale. Here's the story of this blade. A friend of mine worked with Mr. Hancock back in the day when he was an iron worker at a nuclear power plant in California. He had just started making a name for himself as a bladesmith, but hadn't yet gave up his day job. My friend had him make two for us. They were totally custom. He made the sheaths out of a combination of rattlesnake skin we tanned and leather, and inlaid the handles with some Chumash indian beads we found. The steel for the blades came from cable off a large construction crane.

Now I will tell you all right off the bat that I do not know diddly squat about blades. This knife has been sitting in a drawer out in my garage for maybe 30 years. Ok, this is going to really make all you purists cringe. I made the mistake of storing the blade in its sheath, so on one side of the blade there is some light "pitting". This blade has never been used, sharpened, oiled, etc. It has just sat in a drawer all these years.

The blade and sheath are stamped 110. The blade appears to be in excellent condition except for the following: 1) slight pitting on one side, 2) one of the inlaid beads is cracked, 3) the tip of the shell fish hook is cracked. Length of blade is approx. 12 and 5/8ths inches. Handle is made of black African walnut. Again, I am not an expert on blades, so if you are interested, please ask a lot of questions.


What is really rare about this particular blade, is Mr Hancock allowed my friend to video tape the entire process of making it, from starting with the the raw cable, all the way through to making the handle and sheath, to sharpening the blade. The video shows all the steps Mr. Hancock used back then to make a blade. There are some priceless scenes in the video of Mr. Hancock working in his shop, including him chopping through a 2X4 with the blade, and then shaving the hair off his arm. It shows him actually stamping his name in this very blade. The video is an old VHS tape. I just had Costco make me two digital copies. They came out ok, other than a small approx. 10 second section in the very beginning. The original VHS tape is perfect, so you could probably have it re-digitized.

Why am I selling it? Well, honestly, I am not a collector of blades. Otherwise, it would not have sat in a drawer in my garage all these years. I do not have any interest in collecting blades, although I do appreciate the craftsmanship, skill, and many hours of labor that go into making one. Included with the blade are the videos.  Price is $900.


Thank you,


Picture 3.jpg

Picture 4.jpg

Picture 5.jpg

Picture 1.jpg

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Number of Blade.jpg

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