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Black Pipe (imported vs domestic)

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Hey all,


So I just ordered a few fittings to start the top portion of my ribbon burner. Not knowing anything about plumbing or pipe fittings, I saw the black pipe options between imported and domestic and just went with the cheaper imported route. I figured it couldn’t be that bad. 

Does anyone have any insight here? Should I reorder domestic pipes and fittings? I was just trying to save some cash. 



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The biggest issue is the thread type. If the imports are specced as NPT and you are in the US, there is unlikely to be any tangible difference between import and domestic. 


If they are BSP threads. you may have trouble mating them with NPT threads. 


The civilized world (defined as the part that includes me) tends to use BSP threads, which have a Whitworth, 55-degree, threadform, as opposed to the (uncivilized heathen) American, 60-degree threadform. There are some  differences in thread pitch between BSP and NPT at many sizes, but 1/2" and 3/4" use the same TPI.


In many/most cases, just using more PTFE tape or a liquid PTFE sealant will let you join them together without leaks, especially at the sort of pressures (inches of water column or less) we see on burners. 


The best advice I can give is to get some liquid PTFE or similar sealant and to be aware that there is a possibility of a problem when you assemble. If it rears it's head, then you'll need to decide on your next step. You'll probably be fine, but if things seem iffy, don't just reach for a bigger pipe wrench.

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Thanks for the input. You guys rock! 

I’ll be sure to order some of that liquid sealant. As long as I have no issues during assembly, I’ll just continue soapy water leak tests regularly. 

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