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Hello everyone, 


I haven’t been working on the new forge lately. Had a lot of stuff come up recently.  Anyway, I saw that most plans for a ribbon burner use a piece of steel square stock. I didn’t have any on hand, so I welded up some 3” by 3/16” flat stock I had laying around. 

My welding skills are terrible so my thought process here is that I should probably make sure this thing is air tight, right? Any ideas on how I might test it out? Thanks! 

This is the only photo I had taken during the build. I have a fully welded box now that I’ll weld a 2” pipe to. I wanted to start with the box fully enclosed to test if it’s air tight. I hope that makes sense. 

It’s roughly 7 1/2” by 3” 


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I would test it after you weld on the 2" pipe so you can test that joint as well if you have any question on the integrity of your welds (a temporary pipe cap will cover the open end of the pipe).  Brian's idea is a good one, but I would also do a soap bubble test after the entire burner is assembled using the blower itself.  This is the same test I do for any piping joints in a gas train, and is pretty simple.  Just mix some dish soap with water and paint liberally over the seams and pipe joints while the system is running.  If you have  a leak, you will see visible bubbles form.


Note that for a ribbon burner there should be relatively minimal leakage from a small crack anyway, as the mixture will prioritize exiting through the multiple openings in the burner face.  Still it is definitely a good idea to close any leaks up since the last thing you need is air/gas mixture leaking into your shop.

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Classic in shipbuilding is that you paint it with a lime water from outside and then with petroleum inside. Any weld not tight will manifest as a fat clearly visible on the lime surface.

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