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Newbie wants to forge weld.

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First attempt at forge welding 6 layer, 3 of 1095 and 3 of 15n20. Steel ordered from a reputable supplier. Just attempting to teach my self to forge weld any advice/criticism would be greatly appreciated. What is a good way to make sure I have a good weld all the way through?Thanks in advance.





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Get someone to show you the first time.  It's one of those things where a practiced eye is worth more than thousands of words.  Having said that, it would be good have a look at your forge setup.

Everyone's eye sees color differently, and ambient conditions can alter what you're seeing.  When I say that I want the billet to be a nice even butter color, that's what I'm seeing with my eyes (and being red/green colorblind, I see red spectra differently from many people), in my shop, in my equipment.  I don't know what you will be looking at in your shop.

That's where someone who has done it comes in handy.  They can say, "That color, right there, that texture, now hit it this way" and you can tuck all of that away for the next time.

Good luck


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Yeah, try to find someone to show you the first time, like Geoff said.  That will save a lot of time, frustration and fuel.  

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IMG_20210523_195444240_HDR.jpgThanks for the info everyone, will try to find someone nearby. A couple of pics of my setup.


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