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Having missed out on last years KITH, I wanted to start this year with plenty of time to finish.  I'm trying for a san-mi dagger, 1084 over 15n20, 4-5" long.

Starting billet is 3 layers of .070" stock, 1" wide, by 4.75" long.


The welds seem to take really well.  Rough forged:


And some random cuts to give some character:


A couple of the cuts got away from me, which caused some headaches in the final forging. 


It came out a bit thinner than I wanted.  I'm going to have to get creative on the grinder to salvage a knife out of it, but I think theres enough there to make it work.


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Managed to get the blade profiled, and almost all the way done with the bevels.  She's definitely a bit on the thin side, right around 3mm, but it'll make for a wicked sharp little blade. 


Here's a snapshot of what it looked like after profiling. 


You can see some of the sketches I used to get it symmetrical.  It's a bit hard to see, but I found that if I scribed the centerline from both sides, and continued it all of the way out to the tip, it gave me a good idea of the symmetry, even without the sketches.


After roughing in the bevels on the grinder



And then I managed to get one side drawfiled and evened up.



Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to finish up the other side, define the ricasso and tang, and get the heat treat done.

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Looking good already!


You are a brave man, drawfiling with open shoes like that, I wouldn't like those sharp shavings in my toes:lol:

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Posted (edited)
47 minutes ago, Pieter-Paul Derks said:

You are a brave man, drawfiling with open shoes like that,

Lol.  Thanks!  You should have seen me forging in them a couple years ago.  Lesson learned there, still have a perfectly circular scar on top of my foot from hot scale falling through one of the holes.:wacko:

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So I'm really happy with the way this blade turned out.  The symmetry is pretty decent, and the plunges came out significantly better than my normal.  Here's a pic of one side after hand sanding in preparation for hardening:


Not perfect, but I'm very happy with that aspect.


Then I gave it a test etch to check the symmetry of the pattern.




Overall, not horrible, but when I was laying out the centerline there was a little voice in the back of my head that kept saying I needed to bring one side over a touch before I started grinding.  I should have listened.  The pattern on the good side was pretty much what I was looking for, the other side obviously washed out a bit. Time to start over.


This time I need to leave things a bit thicker during the final forging.  Hopefully that will pull the pattern up higher.  Even on the "good" side the 1084 comes down to the edge too much.  Also I don't need to isolate quite as much for the tang,  it came out a bit longer than it needed to be.

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Well, on the positive side, that's some nice drawfiling and shaping to make a dagger!  

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I would say that you brought that off rather nicely.  I love to see WIP photos to show a blades progress from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan.



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Thanks Doug.  Just goes to prove that almost every knife turns into a stock removal project and some point in time.  Especially when you are as bad at forging as I am. :D

Getting the San-mai properly centered is one of my goals for this KITH, so I really don't mind starting over again.   Hopefully I can forge the next one a bit cleaner as well.

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