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Final dry fit before I finish the blade and glue it up.  I was running out of light so the picture is even worse than normal.



I had thought about sculpting the handle a bit, but I think I'm going to leave it clean and simple.  If I screw it up, I wouldn't have enough time to finish before the deadline.

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Little sneak peek after glue up, and a little celebration for not screwing it up to badly.  Yet. :D

















Oops, looks like you'll have to wait until it's done to see it all now. :P:lol:


Ok.  Maybe that's not the only empty bottle in the shop tonight!

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And finished.  (Crappy cell phone pic for now)


Not perfect by any means, but overall I'm happy with it.  The San-mai didnt come out looking quite the way I intended.  I over-etched it and pitted the 1084 outer layer pretty good.  As I went to sand it down it revealed an almost wrought iron look in some places, especially up by the ricasso.  Between that and the hard line where it transitions to the 15n20 core,  it was a cool enough look that I decided to leave it be.  Hopefully I'll have enough time this weekend to come up with a fitting sheath for it.  4 different blades, 2 guards, and 2 handles made this one quite a ride before it was done.  It was fun though.


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Getting the layers balanced as you did is job rewarding enough. I ain’t a big fan of etching except in some cases. Handle isn’t overstated nice work Alex!! Someone will be pleased for sure.

Gary LT

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I'm trying to talk our marketing girl here at work into taking some real pictures.  We'll see if I can get her to do it.


32 minutes ago, Gary LT said:

Getting the layers balanced as you did is job rewarding enough.

Much appreciated.  I definitely showed the good side. ;)  The other side isn't bad, but I definitely got the tip a touch off center when I forged it out as the out layer runs all the way down.


3 hours ago, Doug Webster said:

Pretty sweet looking KITH!   Great work Alex.

Thanks Doug!

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