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Feather Pattern Kukhri

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Finished this commissioned piece the other day.  


Blade 11" long feather pattern of 1084/15N20.  Guard made of railroad spike, 15N20 and couple end pieces of damascus. 


Handle stabilized redwood with centre core of mahogany that had some personal meaning for the customer. 


Was a challenge in may ways for me!





Feather Khurkri 1.JPG

Feather Khurkri 2.JPG

Feather Khurkri 4.JPG

Feather Khurkri Sheath.JPG

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Thank you gents! It is a big feather...broke two cheap axe heads beating them down the centre! Way back when I built my press i didn't consider making it with long enough strok/enough room to do that process with dies, and now I regret it! 

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Nice knife..great to see someone else doing fullers and yelmans on a blade..  as far as long feathers.. you haven't even started to get tortured until you get above 18" and anything over 22" or so is just agony to draw out.. Still..nice clean lines..very very nice... 


I use an old HF axe that I rolled the edge down a wee bit for the smaller/shorter stuff..on the longer pieces..well I am saving that for book IV..a man has to keep a few things to himself until the time is right..


You should of heard the vast amounts of very creative profanity that is still hanging out in a blue cloud over the gulf from when I was doing my Shamshir.. 31" of wavy feather is not for the faint hearted..or the easily offended...


Nice clean work..and your leather work is 1000 times better than mine will ever be...



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that is a clean blade, and the complex geometry is really cool. Great work.


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On 6/20/2021 at 5:41 AM, Doug Webster said:

WOW, That is just perfect in every way. I hope you kept it.  

I was hoping he could sell it for a lot of $....


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